Advertising with Ellision — It's easy


While promoting, we prefer an integrated approach, which makes it possible to use all the forces and power to overcome the distance between you and your customers.


The main task of SEO marketing is to increase the position of the website in the search ranking, which inevitably leads to an increase in traffic. Traffic — it's all potential customers, and the more of them, the stronger the growth of your business.

The stages of SEO

First of all, the web developer conducts an audit of the website, which allows to identify all internal and external errors, malfunctions in the operation and structure of the resource, as well as the reasons that hinder the development of business in the network. We analyze the industry and competitors, the successful experience of which gives us an understanding of the interests and preferences of consumers.

Further, for the successful promotion of projects in Google ranking, it is necessary to optimize the website, which at the end of the work will enable already interested users to quickly find you and use the services, and you – to get your profit.

This complex of works is aimed at elimination of all detected problems, and making adjustments that will make the resource interesting and popular for the search engine.

Working with the website

We will develop a semantic core and check of the availability and quality of existing keywords. Well-developed semantics will help to determine possible directions for promotion.

Having learned the interests and preferences of the target audience, we will be able to make a wide coverage of potential customers. We will create content that interests your customers and provides detailed answers to all your questions. Thus, by going to the website, the user will be able to find all the necessary information and strengthen the decision to use the services or buy a product.

In addition to working directly with the website, we use additional artillery in the form of resource registration in business directories, advertising campaigns and promotion through social media. This gives us the ability to get valuable backlinks, increase interaction between users and the website and directly affect the increase in traffic.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media are one of the leading channels for promotion on the Internet, communication and interaction with a huge number of solvent users.

SMM helps in solving such problems as increasing the popularity of the brand and increase customer confidence, image formation, and development of interest in the product and increase sales.

Social media allow you to get detailed statistics and information about the target audience, which is of great importance in improving the competitiveness of the business and the development of sales strategy.

Our social media services

  • Promotion of brand and products through social media.
  • Creating and maintaining style.
  • Analysis of the market and the needs of the target audience.
  • Development of promotion strategy.
  • Development of a content plan for at least three months.
  • Implementation and configuration of targeted advertising.
  • Cooperation with reputable communities.
  • Organization and holding of shares.
  • Engaging a live audience.
  • Sales promotion.

  • Management of PPC (Pay-per-Click)

    Typically, most marketing companies require a certain amount of time before you start seeing results and making profits. So, for example, if SEO promotion takes months, the advertising with pay-per-click (PPC) will bear fruit after a few days from the start.

    The advantage of this method of promotion is that you pay directly for the result. Viewing the page does not mean that the user intends to interact with the website. While PPC advertising involves payment in the event that the user is interested and made a transition to the website or landing page of the company, if this does not happen, you do not lose a penny.

    An integrated approach to strategy and settings for PPC

    The first step is the main work that involves advanced search and analysis of keywords. An advertising strategy is being developed. We carry out the creation and configuration of the account, which will be used for further promotion. After that, we will determine the target audience of your products or services, with the focus on which the creation and configuration of the advertising company.

    At Adwords keyword analysis will help us make sure that we have carried out the maximum coverage of all your potential customers.

    Geographic targeting with google adwords allows you to set up pay-per-click advertising so that it is visible to all users who might be interested in it and living on the desired geolocation.

    With PPC, you will not waste your advertising budget on an audience outside of the locations where you provide your services or deliver products.

    Pay-per-Click — this is not a service that is configured once and then works automatically. It requires a constant analysis of the work and, depending on the result, making the necessary adjustments. We regularly monitor and control the progress of the advertising campaign, trying to make it as effective as possible. PPC advertising is a successful marketing move that ensures the flow of potential customers and increase sales. Thus, you will be able to tell about your product or services, promotions and events, as well as increase brand awareness.