UX\UI design, web design, illustration, branding — with us.

Experience Design. Branding

Branding reflects the style of the website, is its graphic image.

It is meant to create a single visual image in combination with the name, logo and corporate identity of the company or promoted product.

Branding is necessary if you want the client to remember and give preference to you among the many competitors.

The website is a reflection of the brand and marketing concept of the business. The team of digital Agency Ellision will develop for you a high-quality and unique web design, characterized by its originality and ease of use.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists with an average of 10 years of successful experience. Among them are professional UX \ UI architects, graphic designers, animators and web illustrators, who, in addition to having a huge creative experience, treat their work with fanaticism and love. This gives us the opportunity to provide customers with really good results.

The purpose of UX \ UI designer is to create a website that will satisfy the taste preferences of users and develop adaptive and easy to use interface functionality.

Let's see what is what

User Experience — this is the impression that remains with the user after visiting the resource and working with the interface. It is estimated whether the visitor was able to achieve the goal for which he came to the website, and how difficult it was for him.

We understand more than anyone that time is the most valuable resource. Going to the website and did not find immediately interesting information or if there are difficulties in the design of the application for the purchase, the client will close website and will come to the link below to competitors than will sit and try to understand. Our UX architects develop the most convenient and clear interfaces. Customers will be grateful for the time saved!

User Interface — Here we are talking about the external and physical characteristics of the resource. Selected psychologically good color for your business developed a beautiful and spectacular website design, plays a big role convenience, readability and other equally important parameters in the development.

We constantly monitor the course of new trends, combining them with a well-thought-out strategy and create exactly the product that your customers want to see.

Simply put, UX / UI is a strategically designed website design in which designing a user — conveniently interface is as important a part as the design itself.

Animation. Animation continues to gain popularity in the structure of modern websites. Animation elements are a great way to take the usability of interfaces to a whole new level by making them more intuitive.

Animation serves as a visual information resource visitors about the characteristics of the product and its benefits.

Web Illustrator — develops digital sketches and finished projects. It has an excellent artistic taste and a variety of different techniques of drawing, which allows you to fulfill all possible wishes of the client regarding the appearance of the website.

Graphic designer — a specialist, generously endowed with logical and creative thinking. It is he who thinks for you bright and memorable fonts, unique logos and brand books that will become an integral part of your business style and style of your company.

Trust the team of Ellision, and we will create for you a quality design, thought out to the smallest detail and a bright brand for your business!

Responsive Website Design

We create designs adapted to all devices.

It's no secret that we live in an age of powerful technology. The times when connecting to resources and other users was only possible with the help of a computer are gone forever. At the moment, the reality is that the number of visitors coming to the website from mobile devices, gadgets or tablets is more than 50%. At the same time, everyone has different screen size, resolution and operating system power. This means that in the world of modern business, where the level of competition is huge, the design of the website should be able to automatically adapt to any mobile device, with many of its individual properties and characteristics.

Google, like all other search engines, also do not lag behind this trend. Websites that are not configured for mobile use are now removed from mobile search. This means that you lose half of your potential customers by sending them into the hands of your competitors. Moreover, giving preference to a website adapted for users who prefer mobile devices, you get more traffic, which will have a positive impact on the results of search ranking.

The specialists of Digital Agency Ellision will develop for you an adaptive design (RWD), able to adapt to all devices, which is much more convenient for your customers and very profitable for your business.

We work and think strategically and are always ready for tomorrow's technologies.