Idea (creating a website from scratch)

Everything is based on an idea. A good idea can start a successful project. But only the idea will not be enough, it is much more important to be able to competently realize the original plan and declare it to the world.

Our goal is to take an idea and turn it into a successful and profitable project (online shop, business site, web store). We pay considerable attention to drawing up a detailed plan for the implementation of your idea, which includes such components: preparation of technical specifications for website builder, website templates, web design, maintenance and support. An important role is played by the analysis of the market and competitors and the further promotion of the resource.

At the time of contacting us, it is enough only to have an idea in which we will breathe life into, help develop and turn into a full-fledged project. Throughout the way of formation and development, we maintain constant contact with the customer, which makes it possible to provide a result that exceeds expectations. All requirements and wishes are taken into account, and the desire of the client for us is above all!

Ellision specialists create a unique, high-quality and popular product for the end user, which is a key factor in making a profit and has a direct impact on its size.

This is achieved through digital marketing tools that serve to promote a product or service and establish a strong relationship between you and your customers.

The main methods that are involved in this can be attributed: SEO, social media, google advertising, email marketing, branding, teaser advertising, competitor analysis, positioning, branding and creating an individual style.

Website designing

Designing is one of the initial and most important stages in the development of the project. We designing the architecture, set goals and objectives, for the implementation of which the creation of the site is carried out, the appearance and functionality are thought out. Competent development of a web resource is a valuable investment in further development and promotion. Elimination of any mistakes at the designing stage will be much cheaper than at the subsequent stages of direct production of the website.

In our work we strive to keep up with the times and follow the best technologies. Our choice in project management was Scrum methodology. Its distinctive features are flexibility in project management and direct focus on the client, who takes an active part in the development of the website.

UX\UI designers of Ellision, following modern trends, develop the most comfortable and understandable prototypes of future websites.

We approach each new task creatively, and as a result we always get a quality product. All members of our team are interested in the creation and successful work of the project.

The involvement of all team members and the client in the website design and designing gives us the opportunity to use the experience of each of them and create a website that meets all the requirements of the customer.

Experience Design. Branding

Branding reflects the style of the website, is its graphic image.

It is meant to create a single visual image in combination with the name, logo and corporate identity of the company or promoted product.

Branding is necessary if you want the client to remember and give preference to you among the many competitors.

The website is a reflection of the brand and marketing concept of the business. The team of digital Agency Ellision will develop for you a high-quality and unique web design, characterized by its originality and ease of use.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists with an average of 10 years of successful experience. Among them are professional UX \ UI architects, graphic designers, animators and web illustrators, who, in addition to having a huge creative experience, treat their work with fanaticism and love. This gives us the opportunity to provide customers with really good results.

The purpose of UX \ UI designer is to create a website that will satisfy the taste preferences of users and develop adaptive and easy to use interface functionality.

We use:

Successful Assembly and operation of websites is a long and painstaking process that requires skill, talent, experience and competent planning.

In the end, only the result is important. If the website does not work properly, all efforts to develop design, usability, thinking through strategies will be in vain. The client will not want to interact with a low-quality resource. Do not forget that on the Internet, the website is the face of your business.

While developing websites, we use only the best time-tested technologies that give us unlimited opportunities for projects.

There are two Front-end developers in our staff, simultaneously performing the role of coder and programmer. They are engaged in working with the external part of the website and the functionality with which the user will work directly. Develop the most comfortable user interface.

Back-end developer, whose responsibilities include working with the software and administrative part of the project, database, software logic, system content and resource architecture.

We provide customers with only reliable and proven products. Technical flexibility and creativity of the team allows us to create really high-quality solutions for any business.

We work with projects of different scales, ranging from small startups to large and well-known enterprises, with all industries and markets.

Each website created by us is adapted to any mobile device or tablet.

Our final products meet W3C standards.

We use:

While promoting, we prefer an integrated approach, which makes it possible to use all the forces and power to overcome the distance between you and your customers.


The main task of SEO marketing is to increase the position of the website in the search ranking, which inevitably leads to an increase in traffic.


Social media are one of the leading channels for promotion on the Internet, communication and interaction with a huge number of solvent users.

SMM helps in solving such problems as increasing the popularity of the brand and increase customer confidence, image formation, and development of interest in the product and increase sales.

Management of PPC (Pay-per-Click)

Typically, most marketing companies require a certain amount of time before you start seeing results and making profits. So, for example, if SEO promotion takes months, the advertising with pay-per-click (PPC) will bear fruit after a few days from the start.

The advantage of this method of promotion is that you pay directly for the result. Viewing the page does not mean that the user intends to interact with the website. While PPC advertising involves payment in the event that the user is interested and made a transition to the website or landing page of the company, if this does not happen, you do not lose a penny.

We use:
Support and maintenance

Create a website is an important part of what a web developer does, but it is equally important to ensure the continued stability and development of the website.

We are pleased to provide our customers with the opportunity of constant support. This will ensure smooth operation and continuous growth of the project. The importance of support for business cannot be overstated. In case of emergency, our experts will serve you as soon as possible. Ellision clients receive immediate professional service concerning all arising questions, and timely elimination of problems.

Support includes ensuring the stable functioning of the website, solving problems with website hosting, problems in the operation of the website or its individual modules, cleaning from viruses and protection against hacking.

At your service programmers, coders, designers, optimizers and marketers who will promptly provide you with assistance and advice on all your questions.

Ellision always takes care of its customers!