Meet — Spacedeer, anti-school the English language.
On the Internet you will find many typical schools for learning a foreign language. What about a new, innovative and effective approach to learning? Presenting Your attention anti-school Space Deer - English spoken language without desks and boring homework!

The approach to the development was as follows: it was necessary to maintain the website in a minimalist style. Show on the website all the necessary information to the client informative without overloading it. The user must immediately find the information he needs, and it should be deposited in his memory. It was decided to develop icons with the main key points of work and features of the anti-school, as well as signatures to them.

We use:

For this project was developed a unique design for the "landing" with distinctive features. Characteristic is that in this design there is a parallax and other elements of animation and wow-effects. However, everything is designed in a minimalist manner, which in turn does not prevent the visitor to the website to see the necessary things.

We use:

Development was carried out on the platform ModX Revolution, followed by programming and superimposing design. All blocks on this website were dynamic and gave the opportunity to edit the text from the administrative panel, without having to edit the code.

In addition, a mini CRM system was developed, which allowed keeping records of applications and leaving comments under them.

The turnkey project was completed in October 2016. The development took less than a month.

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